To The Garden
Yummy series introducing Fruits and Vegetables

Nutritional Message

One of the issues in today’s young children nutrition is their ignorance in regard to fresh fruits and vegetables. They do not know the big verity that exists nor do they know how fruits and vegetables are grown. Most children are not exposed to agriculture and think fruits and vegetables simply come from the supermarket shelf…

In this show, Smartoonz sets out to change that. The show is all about the fun of exploring and find out new things that excite your senses. The massage of the show is be brave explore try new things you might like them, fruits and vegetables are fun and intriguing!

The show highlights the many tasty ways the foods can be eaten; carrots can be used in a carrot salad or juice or even cake! This is important because it is not rare for a child will be welling to eat ketchup but not to taste a tomato…

* The program will be developed under the guidance of a clinical nutritionist.

General Concept

Why is that orange thing doing sitting on the ground? What are those red round balls doing up in that tree?

Nina and Jeff, two lively and curious animated creatures, will discover the answer for these questions and many more by exploring their garden and all that grows in it. Together with the audience they will joyfully uncover the secrets and wonders of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every episode begins with Jeff and Nina’s rumbling hungry tummies motivating them to venture out to the garden in search of something to eat. There, they discover a new plant (fruit / vegetable) to explore. Not knowing what it is they try to find it in Jeff’s special garden book. The book helps them understand what plant it is, if they can eat it and the yummy ways to do so.

So, if you’re hungry for something juicy healthy and funny, join us as we all go… To The Garden!!!


Jeff: earthy, naïve, sensible and good-natured. Jeff may not always have the answer but does hold the key – the ‘garden book’, his own “Google” and his source of information. He shares the information he learned with Nina and the audience in an eye-to-eye level enthusiastic way.

Nina: embodies many of the qualities of the young viewers; curious, inquisitive and slightly impatient when it comes to wanting her needs met … viewers will have no problem identifying with her thereby find an even deeper interest in the show and the adventures of Nina and Jeff.

Environment, Following Episodes

The show takes place in Nina and Jeff’s garden. It is an important that the children see the fruits and vegetables in their natural setting.

The garden is colorful and invitingly designed using age appropriate colors and style.

In the concurring episodes Jeff and Nina will continue exploring their garden and learning what amongst the plenty they can and cannot eat. Can they eat the root, stem, flower, or fruit of each plant? What colors can they find in their garden; green, yellow, orange, red? What additional foods can be prepared using the fruits and vegetables; salads, juices, soups, cakes?

Why It Works

The visual language of the show is specifically geared for young viewers; the characters are emphasized, colorful and the fruits and vegetables are drawn in an easily recognizable manner.

Each episode tells a simple story, easily tracked by the young viewers. The story is full of innocent humor propelled by the characters’ naiveté, the dynamics of their relationship and Nina’s occasional unexpected sneeze, which shakes the entire garden.

Nina’s hunger and her inability to wait before tasting the new fruit/ vegetable they just found, is the common thread that propels the story. She wants immediate gratification while Jeff makes her understand she needs to wait- first they need to wash the fruit/ vegetable than peel it and maybe even cut it.

The need to delay gratification is well known to the target audience from their daily lives. Like Nina, they too would wish to never having to wait and they too have their own “Jeff” asking them to wait.

Nina and Jeff in their adventures in the garden demonstrate the most natural way of learning – learning through exploring and through trial and error. To a large extent, Jeff represents the adult role (or elder sibling) guiding Nina towards finding the answers and serving as a mediator between her and the surrounding world. Much like a parent exploring Google with his child to find an unknown answer, Jeff does not know everything. He does know what questions to ask and where he might find the answers.

Nina’s and Jeff’s relationship are very much like siblings. They share a home; common habits and routines and most importantly they know each other’s shortcomings… This familiarity extends beyond the screen and creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere for the viewers. Everyone who watches the program will very quickly feel right at home in Nina and Jeff’s garden.

Pilot Episode