Sally and Leo (PILOT)

Format: 52 x11 minutes

Audience: Preschool

Technique: 2D Animation

Children daydream about life in foreign lands.  Now they can joy ride around the world with Sally, an eccentric stork, and Leo, an ever-curious turtle. In each episode of Sally & Leo:  The World Up-Close, Leo hops on Sally’s back, and we soar with them to a new foreign culture.  The birds-eye view is lovely, but Leo’s telescope shows us that things are even more interesting up close!  Junior travelers will zoom right in to meet the great surprises of our world.

Sally the stork offers the audience the big picture with all its many facts and facets. She is more than eager to share her knowledge with everybody.

Leo, with his trusty telescope always at hand, is able to perceive the small details. His inquisitive eyes don’t miss a thing. He and is open to learning as much as possible.

Sally serves as the experienced guide while Leo embodies all the qualities of a curious and enthusiastic child.