Cosmologic (PILOT)

Format: 26 x5 minutes

Audience: Preschool

Technique: 2D Animation

One of the most talked about issues today is the different ecological crisis. Whether you are discussing the global warning and the ozone layer, or just contemplate on the need to recycle and protect the water resources you are dialing with the great ecological crisis. But is that all we can do? Just talk about these important issues? Of course not! It is a well known fact that the human behavior towards nature in the present, and more importantly in the future, has a great affect on the course of development of these potential catastrophes.

Since human behavior has such a strong impact, we believe it is our obligation to teach today’s kids about their place in nature and their ability to help protect and preserve it. Researches suggest that kids acquired a substantial awareness of the natural environment by the age of 4-5 years. They understand that animals, plants, trees, and people are part of nature.  Never the less this understanding of the natural environment is limited by their experiences- they will say that animals, plants, and people need water and air, but they will also say that there will always be enough clean water and clean air for people.

Researches also show that as kids become more aware of the ecological significance of organism-environment relationships, they are more likely to change the habits and behaviors. The kid’s early experiences within the natural environment and in social interaction can play a significant role in shaping their knowledge base and information, as well as beliefs about the natural environment. Early childhood education can play a significant role by emphasizing the importance of human–nature relations

One of the most powerful tools for socialization today is the TV; this is way we at Smartoonz decided to use this tool to raise kid’s awareness to the different ecological problems. We are currently developing a concept for a TV show that will deal with all the important issue form an ecological holistic approach; we will both address the different issue separately, and show how they all connect.

In our little cosmos we will discuss the importance of healthy nutrition and physical exercising; the importance of recycling and protecting our Water Resources; we will talk about the life cycle and the complex relation in an ecological system and the importance of biodiversity; we will explain process like Global Warming, the Ozone Layer and Pollution and so on.

Smartoonz™ produces smart, entertaining animated programs for children

To fulfill the interests and needs of kids at each age-level, we collaborate with a team of early learning development specialists at every step, from conceptualization to post-production.  We apply their expertise to every detail, from the character design to the dialogue and storylines.


Smartoonz™ provides children with fun, laughs and wonder, while expanding their creativity, knowledge, reasoning, social development and motor skills. Smartoonz™ encourages active viewing and bonding opportunities for children and their parents. A number of Smartoonz™ series are currently broadcast worldwide.

This show will help enlarge kid’s knowledge of the environment and ways in which they can take part in saving it. Since the environmental issues are universals and so is the need to get kids to be more involved; we are sure that this show will have great success around the world.