Format: 13 x5 minutes

Audience: Toddlers

Technique: Stop Motion Animation – Claymation

Available Languages: Textless

Little fingers love clay because its shape changes in pace with their ever playful and active imaginations. Clayplay features entertaining Claymation segments describing the encounters of Rolldo with everyday objects, while celebrating clay’s thrilling creative possibilities. Rolldo is a smart and lovable creature out of this world. In each episode Rolldo comes across a different object and by trail and error starts understanding what it is and

Clay can magically become anything and everything. What will the clump of clay become this time; a playful elephant that tries to hide, a broom sweeping the falling leaves? What will Rolldo do? Will he solve the mystery? Clayplay stimulates the toddler’s imagination and creativity, and gives them a sense of their own creative potential.

Each episode is accompanied by original music

The episodes:

Every episode begins with a clump of clay that comes to life and takes on the shape of a featured object (inanimate or animal).

The viewers will be able to watch the magical process unfold as the clay slowly becomes a recognizable object. Then Rolldo comes in and the journey of discovering begins in a short, easy to follow adventure. For example, a little blue clump of clay becomes a seesaw. Rolldo sees the seesaw and tries to swing with his teddy, only balancing the swing and understanding how it work, turn out not as easy as it might seem.

Target Audience:

Designed for toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years old, Clayplay helps them to achieve the developmental task of discovering the world at large.