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Two Goats and a Bridge – Digital Book

One day two goats arrive at a bridge from opposite sides and when they meet in the middle, neither is willing to move and allow the other to cross. Instead, they argue and push until both fall into the cold river. A few days later the goats meet up again on the same bridge, and again both end up in the river. However, when they meet up for the third time, one of the goats decides to move aside and allow the other to cross, and thus both reach the other side, nice and dry. The goats learn that when you argue and fight everyone ends up getting wet so it is much better to listen and communicate.

Little Fables offers a delightful introduction to the esthetics of Shadow Theater, alongside a peek into the world of fables with universal social messages easily understood by children aged 2–5. Each story exposes children to a situation in which two animals are faced with a dilemma and proceed to overcome it together, mirroring children’s own social dilemmas and options for their successful resolution.

Although the original fables often included scenes of hunting, death and injury, these themes have been removed in Little Fables. The objective of the series is not to underscore the absurdity of man’s negative characteristics, but rather to emphasize the positive social lesson that runs through each fable. The target audience for this show is for ages 2-5. The unique design of the series, emphasizing black and white contrasts as well as the relatively slow-paced plot progression will attract younger viewers. Although they are not yet able to extract the intrinsic social lesson presented in each episode, they will appreciate the unique way in which the stories are delivered. Older children who have already acquired an understanding of the social world will be able to try and guess for themselves how each dilemma can be resolved, and thus receive affirmation of their own social insights.

  • Age Range: 2 – 5 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool
  • Publisher: Smartoonz (January 22, 2020)

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