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Smartoonz® is an international content and media company that produces smart, entertaining cross platform content for children. Smartoonz offers children fun, laughs and wonder while expanding their creativity, knowledge, reasoning, social development and motor skills. Our creative programming encourages active viewing and incorporates bonding opportunities for children and their parents.


Children around the world ages pre school to pre teen and their families. We create for the iGeneration, a Generation that expects a full multiplatform experience. A generation of smart children that have a lot of knowledge, and that are looking for fun, interesting and entertaining content.


Today, even young children are accustomed to using computers, laptops, Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and web-based social networks. 
They are no longer just glued to the TV set - they expect a multi-platform experience where they can interact with their favorite characters and brands, and share their user experience with family and friends.


At Smartoonz, we develop and deliver high quality, nurturing content for children on all platforms. From the very early stages of the company’s development we concentrated on maximizing the exposure of each IP by building cross- platform capabilities, including TV show, Online, Apps, games, social networks, and toys.

Our Products


Smartoonz’s TV series are broadcasted by major TV channels around the world.


Smartoonz has a very popular YouTube channel with more than 150M viewers!


Smartoonz develops unique and interactive Apps for kids based on it's brands.


Smartoonz collaborates with the leading game developers worldwide.

Our Projects

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